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Custom Pools & Spas-SoFlo Pool and Spa Builders of Boca Raton

If you are a bit picky about the different types of pools available, or maybe what you’re looking for doesn’t seem to exist yet, you may want to opt for custom pools and spas, which allow you to work around the specific design you’re trying to get for your commercial or residential property, and it will ensure you add great value to your property due to how much effort and time you invest in the design and planning of your new feature, which can either go indoors or outdoors.

You can add any features to your pool as long as you decide to work with qualified experts such as ours at SoFlo Pool and Spa Builders of Boca Raton. We are available to help you and make sure that all steps are followed by our pool’s contractors and builders so you can get a result that will satisfy you in every possible way and won’t make you go back to designing and planning anytime soon.

We are able to create custom pools and spas for residential or commercial properties. To do so, we work hard in putting all the time and effort needed into each step, including the whole project of designing a specific type of pool and following your requests, as well as planning how the project needs to be handled, so every detail is clean and in place without issues.

Custom design and custom work allow you to choose the details and materials for your pool. For some property owners, this may seem like a lot of work. It is worthwhile if you are looking for something truly unique that you won’t regret in the short and long term. Besides, our role here is to make the entire process easier and simpler, so you don’t continuously struggle in this entire project.

It is crucial to pay attention to the design and foundations you want, and this is right where we will begin. Be careful with the materials, corners, surfaces, edges, and every little piece in the pool that must be placed carefully. 

To help you select the features and styles you prefer, we will bring in some examples and show you a few pictures that can bring inspiration and help with the design process. We will then discuss the various colors and materials available to you so that you can choose from all options, such as gunite or fiberglass. Depending on how you see this feature, there are many other options available, and we will need to guide you and discuss all the pros and cons.

You can have exactly what you want with custom pool construction. You can trust us to help you realize your vision, and we will keep the main considerations of durability, longevity, aesthetics, and affordability in mind all the time, so you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other.

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We Design & Build the Pool

The basic design and style of pools are well-known to most people. However, there are many details that can be added besides your regular hot tub, spa, or features most property owners are familiar with when working with pools and all features. This is why we take our time in the designing process and make sure you’re satisfied and happy with the final result.

You have the option to add additional features to your pool, and we will let you know which ones are proper for the final design you’re trying to achieve.

The pool design must be flexible enough to allow for common features but also create an unforgettable experience for those who use it. Our builders will determine this and will work with you to make it happen. They will help you decide the best place for it and how it should be placed.

SoFlo Pool and Spa Builders of Boca Raton will work with you to create a pool and spa that is both beautiful and functional, no matter how much work it takes, but rest assured that you won’t be exhausted thanks to our help.

Bringing Your Custom Design to Life

We will need to assess your property in order to plan and design the space if you want to maximize the area and your budget for the project. Although some property owners may ask for an estimate, we prefer to see the space and give you the details later since this will bring in a very accurate quote of the final price of the project.

We are aware that estimates can be difficult to give and may not be able to provide one before a visit is agreed upon, and sometimes, property owners don’t or can’t give us access to the property and the space where the pool will be built right away. In those cases, we encourage you to provide all these details:

  • Property’s dimensions.
  • If you have any design or example in terms of style in mind that you would like to follow.
  • All materials and preferences regarding colors and textures you have for your pool.
  • Let us know about your budget.
  • Are we working with the commercial or residential property?

There are many details that must be addressed. We will not be able to tell if additional work is required because of specific details or problems on your property if we don’t assess it and identify each one of them. However, if you opt for the simple call and email, we will send over a quote that covers the details and information you sent and some considerations we can predict.

If you allow us to assess your space whatsoever, we are most likely to send you an estimate for your custom pool and spa that is either the final price or you are welcome to make any adjustments and changes based on what you would like to have or not.

Allow our team to be there and offer a price that competes with every single company in the city and the entire state of Florida, so you get the pool of your dreams.