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Saltwater Pools & Spas-SoFlo Pool and Spa Builders of Boca Raton

Chemicals such as chlorine can be expensive and dangerous, and they add more time and money when it comes to how much you need to invest in your pool’s maintenance. This is why many people give up on having a pool or try to find alternatives that allow them to have a unique design and feature that won’t cost as much. It is impossible to neglect maintenance, so you will need to find options that rely on different steps when working on the elements that enhance your pool’s functionality and performance. Our team at SoFlo Pool and Spa Builders of Boca Raton recommends saltwater pools and spas for property owners who don’t have to deal with toxic chemicals or don’t want to worry about their use when it comes to maintenance and long-term expenses.

You can safely swim, play, and enjoy the pool if you have saltwater as the element filling it all up. Compared to regular water with chlorine, you get to reduce the time and money invested in maintenance, and you have a safe space for everyone who decides to use the feature.

Saltwater pools don’t need to be altered in style or design. You have many options when it comes to materials, colors, textures, and designs that can create amazing results.

In all this process and when choosing the type of pool, the filtration system and flow technology that is required to treat saltwater must be modified, and this is when the expense gets a bit higher than usual. If you want saltwater pools to be built custom and ordered for you, we recommend that they not be made as a standard service. This can lead to people getting a different results than what they expect.

It is crucial to properly plan and design your structure. If you don’t plan and design the structure well, pipes and systems will not be able to maintain clean water, and you won’t maximize the salt component in the water itself. This will make maintenance more difficult and increase the cost of your pool.

Our team will design a saltwater swimming pool that you can enjoy all day without the need to use any outdated systems. To ensure you have the best time in your pool, we use the latest technology, but you need to keep in mind that the short-term investment will be a bit increased, but the long-term one will be reduced greatly.

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What’s There to Love About Saltwater Pools & Spas?

You don’t have chemicals to worry about when you have a saltwater pool, so you should consider this the best benefit you should love about having this type of pool.

You won’t have to use chlorine or other regular chemicals to ensure the pool is clean and safe for others, and to clean it; you can use the salt content of your water. All molecules will be naturally cleaned by the system and pumps that circulate water.

You must monitor the pool’s cleanliness and maintenance. This will take some time, but it is not as difficult as regular maintenance and you will be removing the usual chemicals from the routine.

When we speak about saltwater pools, there are a few benefits that can be mentioned, and we want you to take note of them so you understand how much you get from this feature alone:

  • It’s more fun. Swimming on the beach is much more enjoyable than swimming in chemicals, and when you get a pool with the main characteristic of a beach, the salt water, you don’t need to worry about how long you stay in the water. You can have the exact same experience but without the waves.
  • This will make it healthier as you won’t need to deal with chemicals-treated water. This decreases the likelihood of you absorbing all parts and requires frequent hand washing. Use high-quality seawater to reduce osmosis. Children are not at risk of getting water in their lungs and developing allergies, and the same can apply to any other user, adult or not.
  • The pool is more affordable to build and maintain than it is with regular pools and designs for the long term. You don’t need additional equipment or systems for cleaning the pool with chemicals. This allows you to reduce the number of necessary features to make it perfect. This reduces the need for maintenance, which in turn means more savings.

Above Anything Else, It Ends Up Being More Affordable

Although the initial investment of the pool will be higher than you would like, it will end up paying off, and you even get a return on your investment based on how you manage the maintenance in the long term.

These chemicals are part of the cost and expense of cleaning the water system and treating it. It can be time-consuming and costly to maintain pipes and connections in order to prevent corrosion and clean the water.

It is simple to filter saltwater. These elements can be removed from the pool’s start, so you can invest in aesthetics or structural components.

A saltwater pool can be purchased starting at $12.000. The average saltwater pool price is around $52.000 whatsoever, and this price is considered to be low, even though it includes a large pool with many amenities and features. A regular or traditional pool will likely cost twice as much.

Your saltwater pool can be customized without restrictions. This is a great option for anyone looking for a healthier, safer, and more affordable option for their backyard or their commercial property to offer a better feature and service for their clients and even guests.

SoFlo Pool and Spa Builders of Boca Raton will help you design and construct your pool and ensure that every detail is perfect so you can enjoy your time with your loved ones or invite your clients and family to the new feature.

Allow us to guide you in how saltwater pools work and how we help you achieve the best result in this entire process.